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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 12, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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genie: this is "france 24." time for 60 minutes live around the world. img genie godula through these are the headlines. the lawyers of the main suspect from the paris attack last november say they will no longer depend him. salah abdeslam has systematically refused to answer questions since his transfer here to france six months ago. dramatic footage from syria shows a boy being pulled from the rubble in aleppo after new airstrikes pound the city print at least 25 more people have
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been killed in the latest violence. tells republicans to give up on donald trump, saying he is unfit to be president. -- he has --pt this has caused trump to say he can now run his campaign his way. samsung shares failed to recover . the galaxy note seven phones. --nce opens his first-ever its first ever supervised injection facility, giving a safe space to addicts to use their drugs. first, our top story live from paris. genie: let's begin in france
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where the own -- the lawyers for the only suspect in the paris attacks have quit. defend salahlonger abdeslam, as they only agree to represent him if he talked. last november in paris left 130 people dead. the suspect has remained silent on the attack since his capture early this year. .e no longer even once a lawyer that he no longer even wants a lawyer. >> [speaking french] genie: sorry about that. we seem to be having some trouble with the translation of his lawyers. our guest who joins us from paris. some and islam's lawyers said they will no love -- salah
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abdeslam's lawyers said they will no longer represent him. does he have to have a lawyer? >> well, there are two stages in french numeral proceedings. there is an investigation stage with an investigating judge, and there is no obligation -- there is no obligation to have a lawyer. since salah abdeslam has said he does not want a lawyer, that is the way it is. if he does not want a lawyer, that is his right. comes, in aring year or two probably, at the hearing he will need to have a lawyer. you can say, look, i do not want a lawyer, and i am not choosing one. then the judge can assign him a lawyer, appoint him a lawyer, and basically this lawyer will only be there to check that everything is in order. salah abdeslam has been
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in solitary confinement and under constant video surveillance for months now. quitf the lawyers who just the case said that as part of the reason why at the slum would not talk in the first place -- why salah abdeslam would not talk in the first place. do you agree? >> it is a right to remain silent. that is what he wants to do, that is his right. and after all, why not? in a case like this, he has not got much to lose, so if i were a lawyer, his lawyer, i may advise him to do the same. genie: is there anything that perhaps another lawyer could ?ave done if someone does not want to talk, you cannot force him to talk.
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if you are not talking, you can draw some conclusions, but it is a right. you have the right to remain silent, and there is nothing one can do about it. 's role inah abdeslam the attack has never been extremely clear. the prosecutor said he was equipped as a suicide bomber but het he but -- but that abandoned those plans and fled. when will he go to trial, and what does he risk? >> he is risking the highest sincey, and probably -- he is remaining silent, he is probably even saying he is guilty or not guilty, basically. we have not got the death penalty in france, so he is risking and he will probably get the highest -- it is going to be probably aence, with very long time without parole,
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possible. that is what he is risking. will that take place? will the trial took place, i would say a year or two years. genie: you say that he could risk life in prison, which is basically what he is facing at the moment. that it doeso give seem to give credence to his argument not to speak. >> it is hardly harming his defense. once again, i think that if i were in his position, that is probably what i would do. of course, you may want to mitigate want to mitigate your that because you were somewhat in a circle of people that forced you to do something, you could have an toument there going that way
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mitigate your sentence, but the chances would be very, very minimal. so considering what he is facing, the fact that he remains silent, the fact that he does not want a lawyer is not going to change much. will risking and probably get the highest sentence possible in that case. genie: thank you very much for your time. on the besieged city of aleppo have picked up again after several days of relative calm. russian jets targeted the neighborhood home to a rebel base, killing at least 25 people in the process. our correspondent reports. >> smoke billows from the ruins after airstrikes flattened this neighborhood in aleppo, killing dozens of people. among the rubble, a miracle. this young boy is pulled out by workers from the syrian civil defense, also known as the white helmet.
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he is still alive, much to their relief. an intensive aerial bombardment campaign was launched last month to recapture aleppo by forces toyer -- by forces loyal bashar al-assad. last week they reduced airstrikes, saying it was in part to allow civilians to leave the city. but government forces have now resumed their offensive to recapture the eastern rebel held part of aleppo. this after a september cease-fire brokered by russia and the united states barely lasted a week or it moscow and the syrian government have been accused of committing crimes against humanity for their use in particular of bunker busting bombs that target underground shelters. genie: president barack obama is on the campaign trail, speaking in north carolina on tuesday. he urged democrats to take voting andf early bu
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cast ballots for hiller clinton. he also criticized republicans. topite hearing trumpet admit unwanted sexual advancements on women. the candidate himself seemed almost happy with the republicans who have not runorted him, saying he can the campaign the way he wants to, that the shackles are off. >> donald trump doing what he enjoys best, attacking his rivals, surrounded by thousands of supporters. in florida, he also called for togetherness. mr. trump: we are a divided country, in so many ways. we are going to be a unified country again. we are going to love each other, everybody. not just the people here. >> there has been little love between the republican nominee and his own party. hours earlier, he launched a
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twitter tirade against the most senior republican, paul ryan, calling him a weak and ineffective leader. didaid other party memories not know how to win in an election. but he says the shackles are off and he can fight for america the way he wants to. it was the video released on friday that proved too much for several senior party figures. he tells how he sought to have sex with a married woman and made other sexually aggressive comments. with the republicans in open warfare, the democrats are more united than ever. while hillary clinton also headed to florida this tuesday, alongside al gore, barack obama campaigned for her in north carolina. choiceobama: we have a right now between someone who is as qualified as has ever run for the office of president and somebody who over and over again
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has proven himself unfit to represent this country. >> this comes as the latest reuters poll gives hillary clinton and eight point lead over donald trump. france has inaugurated its first-ever supervised injection facility that would provide a safe space for addicts to be able to take their drugs. the paris site is part of an experiment to see if the system can work. 30 years after switzerland became the first nation to open a similar center. but the facility comes with a few provisos, as the trigger found out. away is onew steps of the city's worst hotspots of drug abuse. >> i will leave now, and in two hours it will be empty. >> he is looking to help addicts with an uphill battle. drug use in the french capital
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has declined year-over-year for over a decade. >> this machine gives 500 syringe is the day. this is one of three, and people go through about 1000 syringe is a day. >> machines like these automatic distributors have been around since 1994. but france has become the 10th nation to put fred chose -- to professionally supervised injections to hell. despite misgivings of local residents, a pilot scheme has two aims -- providing a safe environment for addicts, getting them and drug paraphernalia off the streets, and making sure they do not overdose. the theme is starting small. there will really be around 200, maybe 250 who are homeless or with living difficulties who hang around the district in squalid conditions. the system is really for people who inject.
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once who are already in this area. buthere are smoking rooms, some addicts already see a downside, considering smoking crack is more common than injecting. other users, however, have seen the benefits. >> it will help us avoid getting sick. people are more or less clean. some of them are homeless. it is for hygiene and security. >> paris is not alone. other cities like strasbourg setups in the weeks to come. genie: a lighter note for you now. out of the u.s., the country is already getting in the mood for halloween. that holidays coming up october 31, but people are already carving pumpkins to put on their
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stoop, or underwater. this is an election year you can see a version of hillary clinton from the underwater carving contest, and donald trump as they are dumped a howlery. the winner was a whimsical jack-o'-lantern called the undecided voter. look at headlines. the lawyers of the main suspect from the paris attacks last november say they will no longer defend him. hash abdeslam systematically refused to answer is being transferred to france six months ago. dramatic footage from syria shows a boy being pulled from the rubble in aleppo after new airstrikes pound the city. at least 25 more people have been killed in the latest violence. barack obama tells republicans to give up on donald trump, saying he is unfit to be president. desk this as trump
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says he is now happy he can run his campaign's way. we have news now with delano d'souza. ano: on tuesday it dealt with yet another headache, with its biggest rival in the u.s. supreme court. in 2011, samsung revealed the trademark appearance. how will the production halt of itsgalaxy note 7 affect business? fernande: the battle of the phone giants continues at the u.s. supreme court. samsung and apple are facing off on how much money the south .orean company should pay
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>> apple did not have a patent on the iphone. what the statute says is that you are entitled to deposits on the article to which the design was applied. the design was not applied to the innards of a phone. the batteries, the processors, the electronic componentry that makes a smartphone smart. hoping to have its amount brought down. the case start on the same day that samsung announced it was pulling its note 7 model after the phone batteries continue to explode. see htc anding to lenovo pickup business. people will fill this void, and it will hurt one of the most unique product areas for
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samsung, which they invented. we will see lots of business move. the question is, does it come back ever and how quickly. >> they will also be faced with financial cost of permanently ending the sales of the latest galaxy model, which analysts estimate could be up to $17 billion bid for now, the companies out fires on multiple fronts. -- how are the markets doing? >> it has been a weak session so far this wednesday. the last fomc meeting, which will be released later today, they will be looking for clues on when the u.s. federal reserve will raise interest rates. all the main indices in europe are trading in the red at this hour. moving on now. the chief executive of apple made a surprise to shenzhen, china, tuesday pretty tim cook is using the occasion to announce the company's second research and development covered
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a this is the second time apple's ceo has visited the world's second-largest economy. moving on now, vladimir putin's pledge on monday to support an oil production cut has been put into doubt. it will not cap production as part of the agreement with opec. opec members are talking with non-opec member countries. a global agreement will be hammered out to limit agreement. >> an impromptu meeting on how to deal with the glut of oil it again, a six-month profession cap is on the table when opec members meet with other oil-producing countries, including russia and wednesday.
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the main concern, output. order to restore stability on a sustainable basis, we need to meet together with our friends to a dress the issue. >> oil prices have more than as global surprise that's as global supplies swelled. it sends mixed messages with crude sliding back down vladimir said his country was willing to join an outward freeze on monday, but the commitment was state into doubt had a hergy scientists said that is unwilling for his company to participate. many are reducing the odds of such a deal rebalancing the oil market in 2017.
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next month, opec hopes to formally adopted deal struck in algeria in september, which would see the cartel reduce production to a maximum of 33 .ine barrels a day >> we will be following those developments in istanbul. we will get you more data. genie: thank you so much. it is time for the press review. florence villeminot is with us on the set to take a look at what the headlines are saying today. lots of tensions spill out of the united states in this incredible presidential election. flo: that is right. trump declares war on the gop. that is what the washington post said yesterday. in a series of tweets, trump started attacking members of his in party, this after several his own party, including paul ryan, decided to pull back his support of donald trump in the wake of the video that emerge several days ago.
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you can hear donald trump bragging about assaulting women and the gloves are really off let's take a look at some of these tweets been it is so nice that the shadows have been taking off me, and i can now fight for america the way i want to he went on to say that democrats were more loyal than republicans, and that hillary clinton, the enemy, after all, was easier to deal with than republicans. is an it truly unprecedented situation, and there are just about 20 days to go -- until the presidential election. anything -- flo: anything can happen. the republican party is destroying the republican party. the washington post says donald trump is blowing up the party, in effect, and had an interesting analysis. they said that trump is turning the guns on his own troops, and that might be personally satisfying for him but it could
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be disastrous for the republican party. after all, there are congressional elections taking place in 2016 as well. a lot of people say that pop up against to lose their spot in that election as well. take a look at his editorial in ite wall street journal." could be very concrete and very short-term damage. princes, the chances of her justc party holding on the senate possibly the house. --ie: many papers are being are paying tribute to syrian refugees, who led police to another syrian refugee, expected to be linked to the speaker. you can get a good reaction of french people's reactions. the refugeesnked
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helped foil this possibly imminent attack. german papers are unanimous. the syrian refugees are heroes, they are brave. this is the front page from yesterday's version of these eight. that is a tabloid. you can see the suspect tied up. sdk."s, "thank you they are calling it the sdk. genie: let's come back now to france, where pigs are focusing on tensions between moscow and paris paris that is after yesterday -- where police are focusing on tensions between moscow and paris. this put the french
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government in an embarrassing situation because france has been putting a lot of the polemic pressure on russia. stopping a bomb campaign in syria. tosia is playing death diplomatic pressure. he decided he was not going to attend the festivities, but he would attend if vladimir attended. out at theshing picture on vladimir. this strategy to isolate the russian president is not productive. like him or not, vladimir is a key player, and no major crisis can be fixed without russia. a veryticle has interesting take, saying francois hollande is playing a game of checkers while let 'er rip and is playing a game of chess. genie: another big story is about a book of interviews with president francois hollande that will be released tomorrow.
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it seems like the interviews with francois hollande keep coming up. it than it should never say this. what did he say? explosive secrets, if you believe the front page. he opens up about his presidency and also about his private life, something that francois hollande rarely does. he does not hold back about anything, including his archrival, nicolas sarkozy. in this book, he refers to him gaulle." ttle de even though he might have a sarkozy,dislike of aland says he will vote for him if he were an's up and round two of the election against marine le pen. genie: tomorrow will be the first televised debate for the
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conservative party. flo: it is the first time this party is holding a prairie, and a televised debate. "liberation," of there are seven candidates in the primary. "liberation" is saying there is a spot the difference campaign. "liberation." they have a great description of all the candidates. we will give you all the feedback afterwards. genie: i am still trying to figure out who is who. florence villeminot, thank you so much for that outlook of the press today. if you want a closer look at the press review, check it out on coming up in the next half hour, female empowerment south african style pretty women there are using roller derby to beat stress and stay fit. stay tuned.
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